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How to Order for Market Pickup

To place an order for pickup at any of our farmers markets, call us at 866-908-0002 or fill out the order form below.


Orders for market pickup should be called in no later than 8 PM the night before. Orders placed on day of market may not be filled.

We strongly recommend placing an order at least 2-3 days in advance of the market for greatest selection. Shellfish orders must be placed no later than 4 PM on Thursday for the Saturday markets and 4 PM on Monday for the midweek markets.  Earlier in the week is preferred.

You will receive a call back only if the items you request are unavailable or if you specifically request a return call.


Orders placed online through our website must be submitted no later than 4 PM on Monday for pickup at the Wednesday & Thursday markets; no later than 4 PM on Thursday for pickup at the Saturday markets.

Seafood Order for Market Pickup