To place an order for pickup at any of our farmers markets, call us at 866-908-0002, fill out the form below, or place an order through our online shop.

NOTE:  We will not be at The Market at Lakewood Ranch on December 27 and January 3.  We will return to Lakewood Ranch on Wednesday, January 10.


Orders for market pickup should be called in no later than 8 PM the night before. Orders placed on day of market may not be filled.

We strongly recommend placing an order at least 2-3 days in advance of the market for greatest selection. Shellfish orders must be placed no later than 4 PM on Thursday for the Saturday markets and 4 PM on Monday for the midweek markets.  Earlier in the week is preferred.

You will receive a call back only if the items you request are unavailable or if you specifically request a return call.


Orders placed online through our website must be submitted no later than 4 PM on Monday for pickup at the Wednesday & Thursday markets; no later than 4 PM on Thursday for pickup at the Saturday markets.