We bring all of our seafood in just for the markets. This means there is never any fish sitting around the store for a few days growing old. Everything that we clean on Friday will be sold Saturday. This is how Maggie's Seafood manages to have the freshest seafood week after week.

Click here for a video on why it's important to know where your seafood comes from.

Our Fresh Catch

Our Fresh Seafood selection varies from market to market, so please call us to confirm availability.

Wild Caught Shrimp:

Gulf Whites, Brownies, Hoppers, Key West Pinks, or Royal Reds

Sizes:  Jumbo (U-12/15), Extra Large (16-20), and Large (21-25)


Our grouper selection varies and typically includes one or more of the following:

Black, Kitty Mitchell, Scamp, Snowy, or Yellowedge


Red, Yellowtail, and Mangrove

Local Favorites:

Cobia, Golden Tile, Hogfish, Mahi, Pompano, and Tripletail

Fan Favorites:

Yellowfin Tuna, Swordfish, Lemon Sole/Flounder, Chilean Seabass, Faroe Islands Salmon, and our wild Sea Scallops


Stone Crab season is between October 15 - May 15.

Fresh crabmeat, lobsters, oysters, and other shellfish should be ordered on Mondays.

Fresh Catch

Fresh Packaged Salmon

Fresh Scallops

Gulf Shrimp